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Propeller has FDA-cleared sensors that attach to your inhaler and track your asthma symptoms. With this data, our easy-to-use app helps you manage your asthma and reduce attacks by up to 79%.

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A Better Approach to Asthma

Get Medication Reminders

Get reminders

Forgetting to take your medication can lead to more asthma attacks. Propeller sends you reminders, so it’s easy to stick to your medication plan.

Learn About Asthma Triggers in Your Area

Learn about your asthma triggers

Temperature, humidity and air quality can all make your asthma symptoms worse. Propeller sends you updates on asthma conditions in your area tell help you avoid asthma triggers.

Give Your Doctor Insight into Your Symptoms

Give your doctor insights

You and your doctor can see when, where, and why you use your inhaler. With this information, you can build a better plan for treating your asthma.

Propeller learns
You gain real insights

Propeller helps you understand what may be causing your symptoms so you can live a healthy and active life.

Propller app screens
Propeller prepares you with daily updates on asthma conditions in your area.
Propeller also tracks your rescue inhaler and uses this to tell you when, where and why you have symptoms.
Plus it sends you reminders about when to take your medication.

Reduce Symptoms & Attacks

Propeller improves outcomes
Up to 79% fewer asthma attacks

fewer asthma attacks

Up to 50% more doses taken on schedule

more doses taken on schedule

Up to 50% more symptom free days

more symptom free days

Source: aggregated data across commercial programs, Propeller Business Case Asthma Oct 2015

Take Control of Your Asthma

Get started in less than 5 minutes
  1. Take the Quiz

    Answer some questions about your asthma and medication so we can find the right setup for you.
  2. Receive and Attach Your Sensor

    Easily attach your sensor to your inhaler in seconds. Use your inhaler as you normally would.
  3. See Results

    Follow your progress on your smartphone and discover a better way to manage your asthma.

Trusted by Doctors and Patients

My biggest 'wow' moment was getting a text message that my son used his inhaler
Propeller user and caregiver
Asthma can make a lot of things in your life just a little more challenging. We all get busy and you can have a tendency to just deal with things being harder, but the weekly emails …helped remind me to take some time to check in with myself to see how I was doing and actually focus on making sure I'm managing my asthma as well as I can be.
Propeller user and patient

Propeller Works with Most Inhalers

Just attach the Propeller sensor to your inhaler, connect it to the Propeller App on your smartphone via Bluetooth, and use your inhaler like you normally would.
Please note: Propeller is an add-on for your current inhaler. Medication is not included.
If you take one of the above medications, we may be able to help you take control of your asthma